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As a landlord trying to rent out a vacancy, have you ever thought about how backwards the process is? You're the landlord. Why do you become a secretary answering phone calls all day every time you slap a 'For Rent' sign in front of a unit or place a classified ad?

The answer is pretty obvious. When you only list a phone number and some very basic information, you don't give the prospective tenant a choice. The only option you've given them to learn more about your property is to call you up and ask more questions. What are they supposed to do really?

As you know though, the problem is that most of those people end up not being interested in your property, are not qualified, or are "just looking." Some people enjoy this process and interaction, but for many of us it's a tremendous waste of time and energy.

Wouldn't you love to streamline the process where you only talk to very interested parties on your schedule? For those of you frustrated by the rental process and craving a way to take back control of the situation, there's a simple and cost-effective solution. Seriously...shouldn't the landlord be in control instead of the tenants?

With 4RentSigns.com, you give your prospective tenants the opportunity to learn everything you want them to know about your availability, before you interact with them.

Here's how it works...

  • Your 4RentSign.com sign has a website address, QR Code, and private voicemail line you control.
  • You advertise every detail about your listing on your personal webpage and set up a detailed voicemail message on your third party line. (No calls to personal lines ever!)
  • Next using the additional landlord tools provided, direct all other advertising to your 4RentSigns.com website/voicemail and let the prospects pre-qualify themselves. Those interested will leave you a message.
  • Receive immediate voicemails to your email address of choice from prospects that know every detail about your listing.
  • Call back only the best prospects and on YOUR schedule!

Give your prospects the best information possible, streamline the process and save time and energy.

This is the sign your grandparents used.

And this? This is the sign of the times.

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