Where to Advertise Apartment for Rent

Trying to figure out how and where to advertise an apartment for rent? Advertising your unused property is a common sense desire. But when it comes to the big question of where to advertise available rental apartments and houses, owners often become lost. What you really need is an advertising platform that can give you maximum exposure at a cost that you can afford and in proportion to the profits you can rake in from the property once it is rented. Now, not all the ways in looking for where to advertise an apartment for rent would necessarily apply to you. In fact, you can lose a lot of money if you advertised in the wrong place. So where do you start finding rentals ad opps? There are a number of ways, in the real world and online to find ways and locations to answer your need of where to advertise an apartment for rent.

Conventional (offline) advertising options

As a general rule, one starts by having a rental sign up in your unoccupied property, usually the front or the yard if it has one. If your apartment, house, or unit for rent is located in a real estate hot spot this advertising measure is the only one you need to have a long line of prospective tenants knocking at your door.

Thanks to the Internet where to advertise your apartment for rent is easy. But online marketing is not all there is in advertising for lease properties' listings. There are still conventional marketing channels that can give you a decent flow of interested tenants. You can advertise in the rentals classified ads of a leading local daily in town. Believe it or not there are still many people that pore through classified ads - especially if they are new in town. That is often where they will look into first for a suitable place to live in.

You can also advertise using posters around strategic areas like near a known deli, the leading hardware store in town, near shopping and business districts, even in parlors and beauty shops. These high traffic places can provide good visibility to your poster. Brochures are also a great medium to advertise. You can hand these out to random people or post it in community boards. Where to advertise apartment for rent just need a little creativity on your part.

If you are planning to lease apartment blocks with plenty of units to spare you can go ahead and put up signs around town to maximize visibility. There are also real estate magazines that have good circulation. This can be a good advertising investment for you providing you with national exposure.

Online advertising

The Internet is where to advertise apartment for rent best. Online advertising for properties is cheap, have good local, national, and global exposure, prospective tenants have 24/7 remote access to your ads, and so on. The catch of advertising your property online is selecting where to advertise apartment for rent for best results. Most of the really good sites have a fee, but you might not have the budget to spare to advertise that aggressively.

Where to advertise apartment for rent for free? You can try posting on Craigslist, which, as the name implies, is a list of what's "hot". The secret to maximized exposure is making sure your ad is constantly updated. It must also have a complete description of the property and a compelling advertising message that lists down the key selling points of the property. You can also tap into Rentals.com and post your apartment rents in their list at the website. You can post clear photos that show both interior and exterior spaces of the property as a way to advertise. Remember that photos is worth a thousand words when it comes to describing things - so a single, clear picture of your property can be enough to attract attention from tenants' rents.

If you want to maximize the visibility of the place you've chosen where to advertise apartment for rent, you can use paid advertisement of the leading real estate and apartment rental websites. Paid online advertisement can give you more marketing perks such as the ability to post more photos, linking to your other websites, and getting your post on top of the list.

You can also link all your online outlets when one advertises in order to maximize the attention you initially secured from prospective tenants. For example, you can make a video tour of the apartment and post it over YouTube. A visual presentation is a great and engaging way to advertise. You can then use this link to embed the video to other sites online where you are advertising on giving potential tenants a better look of your property for rent.

The option you choose where to advertise apartment for rent will dictate the amount of work needed to keep your ad working for you. Conventional advertising medium requires the least work because you let physical traffic and circulation do the advertising for you. Online advertising posts need closer attention as you are bound to answer to queries from the site where you posted your property, check your email often to make sure you can answer inquiries coursed through there quickly. You also need to update all your online posts to make sure it is receiving all the attention it needs. Online advertising of property demands visibility and availability on your part. But it also promises more leads.

Apartment for rent advertising content

It is not just where to advertise apartment for rent. It is also about the content of your ads. If you do choose to advertise more aggressively, write in the complete address of the property (do not forget the zip code). If you are advertising online, make sure to include a Google map on the page (if you can do that on the site). This makes your property easier to locate. Next take your time to describe the property. Is it furnished? What appliances are already in the property? Does it have off-street parking? Does it have attic or basement storage? These are questions that go in hand with answering where to advertise apartments for rent.

As you decide how and where to advertise, you should also note the reasons why the tenant should choose your apartment to be rented. Access to public transportation is a very good selling point as you advertised a property to be rented. If you are near a respected university or any academic institutions, put it in the list. Do not forget to mention about access to grocery stores, cinemas and entertainment centers, and etc. Also, do not forget the amount of the monthly rental and the security deposit you need from tenants. This should screen out people who cannot afford your property. And as you advertise, always put your intent of doing background checks for those who do show interest to pay the monthly rental fee. Remember, it isn't just about the money.


To advertise, or not to advertise? That is not the question. Figuring out the best method of answering how, why, and where to advertise apartment for rent can be challenging, but it is a necessary task when one aggressively advertises your property and get the ideal tenants. Get started and good luck!