Rental Signs - Signage for Your Rental Property

So you have a property for rent. You have successfully arranged the needed documents, renovations, and preparations before going live with your place for lease or rent. Now comes the time to advertise your property. Rental signs are still the easiest and one of the most effective ways of attracting the right people to have the place rented out to.


The first thing you need to do is find a suitable place to post the rental signs. The easiest place to put signage is, of course, the front yard. Other reasonable places to put signs, whether for selling or for renting, are intersections, sidewalks, fast food restaurants, malls, home specialty or hardware stores like Home Depot, and other places where people most frequent.

However, determine if it is okay to put the rental signs at the places you've eyed for them. In some towns and cities, posting signs of property for rent is illegal without permission. If the space is available for posting signs, ask the building proprietor for permission and the minimum price.

The Basics

The usual size for rental signs, more or less, is 20" x 25". Since signs are placed outside, use materials that are sturdy and can endure harsh elements like intense heat, rain, and snow. You can use plywood, metal sheets, or ready-made plastic signboards. These are easily attainable in any hardware store. Also, you can search for portable materials to keep the installation comfortable.

The Design

Here is where you start to custom design the signage for the place to be rented out. Paint the board either black or white as the background. For the text, use red, yellow, or orange paints for these signs, as they easily attract people even from afar.

Use bold sanserif typeface. Print the text legibly or large enough to be seen from afar. The important thing is that the word "FOR RENT" is visible from a ten-meter distance.

Describe it Well

Rental signs should provide basic information of the property: the complete address, the size of the lot and parking space, the number of floors, rooms, and bathrooms. You might also list down any details of the property such as a garage, swimming pool, laundry area, multiple kitchens, furniture, electronic equipment, and other features that come with it. State services and places in the nearby area like convenience stores, car rentals, recreational places, and restaurants.

Making the Target

If you have a preferred type of tenant for the property you want to rent out, do not hesitate to include it in the rental signs. If you want a family that rents the property write, "suitable for raising children." If you want students only, write "dormitory." If it's only for short-term rentals such as those just passing through or on vacation, you may indicate these as well. Showcase these through your rental office as well.

Simple indicative words attract your ideal tenants and detract the interest of others. To narrow down your ideal tenant further, indicate statement that requires certain documents like credit and criminal clearance. This helps attract the honest people.

Contact Information

After listing down the details of the property you'll be renting out, provide at least one important contact information for tenants to reach you. It can be your home number, mobile number, email, or anything that you constantly check. State your full name. Include your professional title if necessary, to let people know that you mean business.


Before the grand opening of your property rental, remember the value of effective rental signs, if you want to attract potential tenants and prosper. Good luck!