Rental Marketing Ideas - Advertising a Property

Rental marketing ideas are important when advertising a property for rent. You need to maximize each one of them because although advertising a property is relatively easy, landing a good tenant and actually signing a lease contract with him or her (finally) is not. Creative rental marketing ideas can give you a steady flow of qualified leads, inquiries that can give you the opportunity to seal a rental deal. While many property owners are content of pursuing a few property-marketing strategies, you have a lot of ideas open to you. Remember that the longer your apartment is left unoccupied, the higher your losses in your real estate business and the bigger chance of failure at your market. If you are paying mortgage for your rental homes, a few months of failing to have it rented out can erode a year's worth of rental profits. There are many ideas to make you successful in this endeavor like making preparations, marketing and advertising locally and online, to get those people to start renting your property.

First things first

Before you push through with your rental marketing ideas, make sure that you prepare your property inside out. This is one of the rental marketing ideas you must not forget. Clear it out with things that are not supposed to be there. Clear up the trash or unnecessary equipment around the house. Even the occasional magazine that's misplaced. Power wash the exterior walls, scrub the floors, vacuum the carpet and make sure you make the necessary repairs. Clear the garage, for tenants who might own a car. You may also offer a car rental if the prospective clients will only be around on a vacation. If you need to repaint interior and exterior spaces, do not hesitate to do so. There are no rental marketing ideas that can sway tenants to rent a dilapidated and poorly maintained place. Make sure that your property is set to impress even the most scrutinizing tenant. It really counts in this line of business. Also, open up curtains so that passersby who are drawn to your vacation property can take a quick peek and can have a good look inside. A simple enough task, but still it's one of the many rental marketing ideas. This can often get people excited to contact you ASAP and see more inside (and eventually have it rented).

Start marketing near your property

One of the most effective rental marketing ideas is to start marketing close to home. You can put up a for rent sign on the property. You can hang this near the door or prop it up in a yard or to an exterior space where passing people can see it easily. A good marketing signage is a must. Just like a car rental, you want an effective marketing. Make sure it looks professional (no handwritten signage please!) and have the right color scheme that can catch the attention of your target market. Do not forget to include your contact details. If you have space to spare in your marketing signage, put the number of bedrooms your apartment has, and the rental rates and the security deposit you require. These two pieces of information are very important to many tenants who are renting.

Another effective option among rental marketing ideas is printing out some homemade post cards that advertise your vacant apartment to be rented. You can then drop these on your property neighbors' mailboxes encouraging them to help you out in spreading the news. You can also talk to other residents, including even the outgoing tenant that rents your place and ask them to spread around the information (buzz marketing). They would love to help you out on this and grab the chance to invite friends and family to live next door.

You can also host a garage sale in the empty property and let people come to you (word of mouth marketing). This will give you the chance to talk to random people and tell them about the vacant apartment for rent. Since they are already there, you can give them a tour around the apartment. You cannot just stop finding ways to market your property to anybody. You can even sweeten the deal by offering referral fees for those who can help you in renting out your property.

Add a creative spin on conventional rental marketing ideas

You talk and interact with a lot of people every day. Why not give them something to remember you and your rental property? Make a business card that has a photo of your apartment for rent. Put in there the location of the property, your name, and your contact details. This way you do not waste your time socializing with random people you meet throughout your day. You can also print posters, flyers, and brochures for a person that rents places like yours. Place or post them near a high traffic area (in coffee shops, grocery stores, community centers, admission offices and cafeterias of academic institutions, access to car rental, etc.). The flyers should contain all the information prospective tenants need and want to know about your property. It is not just about rental marketing ideas. It is often about the compelling advertising message stated in your marketing channels. While you are printing your own ads, why not contact some local publications and pay for a full-page ad about your property. And never forget about the leading daily in your area. Most newspapers today have their online outlets. Paying for classified ads on its pages can also give you online exposure through the paper's website.

Maximizing online rental marketing ideas

Maximize your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, or any social media accounts you have, using them to fuel rental marketing ideas, by posting some links and photos of your rental property. You can share these photos to your network of friends or followers and ask them for some contacts that can be interested on your property. You can also make your own website over free platforms like Wordpress,, and blogger and post photos and property details there (for free marketing opportunities). By tagging key words on these platforms, you can be sure to get some traffic out from these sites. Make a video that gives prospective tenants a virtual tour around the property. Having your own YouTube or Vimeo account can help you embed and share video links to all your social networking accounts, giving you a chance to have your own rental marketing loop for people that rents out. This can synergize your online rental marketing ideas as the links complement each other seamlessly.

One of the best online rental marketing ideas is to engage into a mini email marketing campaign. Compose a concise, descriptive email and send them out to your contacts with the idea of forwarding the email to their own personal contacts. Do not forget to add some photos of the property for maximum marketing chances (do not take this idea for granted). Make sure it is an easy and short read to encourage recipients to read it to the end. Give them enough reason to comply with your request of spreading the message around.

Another option from the pool of rental marketing ideas is to tap into real estate websites such as and free online directory sites such as craigslist that can provide you with localized online traffic for your property for rent. The good thing about these sites is these are known to help people out in their search for homes. By putting your property on their listing, you are also riding in on the daily traffic of these sites, which can reach several thousand a day. Not a bad place for additional online exposure (great ideas here).


These rental-marketing ideas might be common, but by mixing them all up and tapping into all these strategies, you can increase your odds of renting out your property fast - and not just to random tenants, but also to carefully selected renters that are perfect for the property and your real estate business. Never forget to be the ultimate sales representative of your rental property. Talk to your friends, family, relatives, officemates, and acquaintances about your apartment or house to be rented out (and maybe they have an idea of the best strategies). Invest time in updating all your marketing outlets and make sure that its potential to reach more people is maximized. Without this consistent effort, you can limit what these rental-marketing ideas can do for your business. Now go and get those rents!