How to Post Property - Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Whether you're trying to sell commercial property or residential property, it's important to know the ins and outs of how to post property listings online. If you can successfully navigate posting online to sell real estate, you may be able to unload your property at a great price before your next property tax payment is due, so learning how to post property efficiently can actually affect your bottom line.

Why is knowing how to post property online so important? The fact is that the opportunity to post properties online is one of the great boons to the real estate market for private individuals looking to sell properties. Trying to sell commercial and residential properties through a real estate broker can still be effective, but it can also be costly. In addition, a real estate agent has lots of other clients, so you may not be getting the attention you need and deserve for your own property. On the other hand, properties can be posted online for free, or for a very low cost, and can reach a nearly infinite audience of motivated buyers. In addition, you can control how frequently your properties are posted and who you are attempting to reach with your posts.

Where to Post Property Online

It's not enough to know how to post property on the internet; you need to know where to post it. Your main considerations when posting are how much will it cost you and how many motivated buyers are likely to see your posts. If you're looking for free posting, consider having your listing posted on classified sites like Craigslist or eBay Classifieds. It's easy to post, and you can post in a section on the site that applies to your specific area, so buyers can find you easily. You can also enhance your listing, paying a little bit more in order to make your particular listing stand out. In addition to these sites, there are sites more specifically geared towards real estate, FSBO (for sale by owner) sites that are specifically designed for this purpose. If you're selling commercial real estate, keep an eye out for business related websites that may have forums or classified pages where you can post information about your commercial real estate listing. Again, it's important to remember that you want your listing to appear where the most motivated buyers will see them, so commercial real estate postings should appear in places online where they are likely to be viewed by business owners.

It may also be to your advantage to learn how to post property on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can use these sites to try to draw traffic to a specific property or as part of an overall real estate marketing plan. If you're trying to sell commercial real estate, you can try to make connections with various businesses that may be in the market for the type of property you have to offer.

How to Post Property to Sell

Once you know where you need to market your property, you need to know how to post property in the ways that will attract the most potential buyers for what you have to sell. A great description is critical. You want to list specific advantages and features of your property, and if it's a commercial property, make special note of features that will be appealing to new businesses. Clear, attractive pictures of the property are also a must. These days, people who go on line looking to buy want to know what they're buying, and an eye-grabbing picture or two can mean the difference between someone considering your property and moving on to the next one. Now that pictures are commonplace, you will often want to enhance your listing even more with a quality video. Simply get a reliable videocamera and use it to take potential buyers on a virtual tour of the property. There are some great video cameras on the market right now that are quite affordable and take terrific, clear videos for you to post online to promote your real estate. Get both the inside and outside and make sure you show the property in the best light. Try to avoid getting people in the shots and little to no narration is preferred. You'll be able to see how to post property videos online easily from many classified and FSBO sites. Naturally, if you're going to post your property on YouTube, you'll have to have a video. On your YouTube page, you can also add tags to make your listing easier to find by web surfers and even provide links to other pages where potential buyers can get more information about this or other properties you may have to sell.

After you've figured out how to post property online, you can also link traditional advertising, like flyers or for sale signs, to your online advertising, by providing links to your online listing or additional contact information. Just because you're taking advantage of the internet for marketing doesn't necessarily mean those more traditional advertising methods should be completely abandoned. The more avenues you give yourself to present your property, the more opportunities you give yourself for a quick, successful sale.

Remember that your goal in figuring out how to post property online the right way is to sell your property fast and get the price you want, whether you've got residential or commercial property to sell. With online listing being so easy and affordable, there's no excuse for not spreading great listings in all the right places throughout the internet in order to maximize your chances of quick success. Also remember that the above tips apply with rentals as well. You can post an apartment or house for rental as a residence or commercial property just as easily as you can post one for sale. You'll save money and you may be able to make a deal much faster than you would if you went through the traditional real estate agency system.