Free Property Advertisement Ideas

If you have property to rent, you must advertise. If you're already paying a real estate agent to list a property, you may feel like advertising is not necessary, or that the agent advertises your property as part of his service to you. The reality is that while your agent may get your property listed on a database that other agents with clients looking to rent may see, your agent will not necessarily be promoting your property as well as you can yourself. There was a time when this may not have been true, but the internet frees private citizens to advertise to thousands upon thousands of potential renters. The best part about this is that the internet offers myriad opportunities for free property advertisement. Your real estate agent has other properties to worry about; he may decide your property is sufficiently advertised and he can move onto the next one. This doesn't help you, so you need to help yourself. You may even wish to consider foregoing a real estate agent altogether, freeing you up to look for paid advertising options, to take advantage of free property advertisement possibilities or both. Before you make these kinds of decisions about your property or properties, what are some of the freer property advertisement options you can take advantage of?

Online Advertising

Someone who advertises on the internet has a big edge over those who don't. The internet has completely revolutionized the way just about everything is advertised. People who in the past would have been stuck choosing one ad location over another due to budgetary constraints are freed to post multiple ads that can be seen by thousands of people, thanks to the free property advertisement possibilities online. You should start by looking at online classified sites like Craigslist and eBay Classifieds. Free property advertising doesn't get any freer than this. With these sites, all you have to do is click to the real estate section, find a link to post an ad, agree to the site rules, type up your ad, upload some pictures, and click to submit your post. A site like Craigslist frees you to post just about anything providing you are truthful, your post is relevant to the section where it is submitted, and you avoid profanity. Thousands of people click on Craigslist and eBay Classified real estate ads every day, so once your ad is posted, you've opened yourself up to a huge audience. Of course, you're competing with a lot of other property renters too, so you'll want to make sure your ad stands out, and you may even consider paying a little to enhance your listing and move it ahead of some of the others.

Other Free Property Advertisement Possibilities

While the internet may be one of the best places to find free property advertisement options, it's not the only one. Simple word of mouth is a great way to advertise. If you own an apartment building, spreading the word throughout the building could get you a new tenant almost immediately, especially if your current tenants are happy. If you're renting your home, tell your neighbors. You'd be surprised how quickly word of mouth can spread. Another great option is the classic For Rent sign. It's not completely free of course; you have to buy the sign. But once that sign is up, it screams out to anyone who walks by that there is a property available. A great option is to link your For Rent sign to a website and private contact number. There are a few huge benefits to this. One, your personal phone number is freed up so that you're not spending all your time fielding potential tenant questions when you have other calls to make. Another is that passersby can instantly make contact with the website through their smartphones, so they can get all the information they need right away, freeing you up from wasting your days in lengthy conversations with people who may decide they're not interested after taking up hours of your time. You can check in whenever you want to see the level of interest in your property and decide how you would like to proceed.

Rent Your Property Now

If you're delaying putting up your property for rent because you're afraid of the expense, don't wait any longer. Combining the internet, standard advertising strategies and modern spins on old advertising methods, you can easily find ways to advertise your property at little or no cost, in ways that can connect you with plenty of motivated potential tenants fast. The more time you let go by, the more money you're potentially losing where your property could have been rented, so plan your strategy using the ideas above and get stated on renting your property today.